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Please find the curriculum for Interclub Taekwondo Seniors (16 years and older) from White to Black Belt.  Depending on what was focussed on in a session, the promotion test may or may not exactly reflect what the students will be tested on.

You must use the following tools to help you keep track of your progress so that you develop well and have a better idea of what to expect during your promotion test:

  • Detailed Senior Curriculum
    • Please refer to the Children/Junior Detailed Curriculum as the Detailed Senior Curriculum is is not posted yet.  You should read the detailed curriculum for all levels up to and including the level that you are currently at to get a good sense of the expectations.  (Please let us know if you have any questions or comments so that we can continue to improve this document)
  • Senior Training Sheets
    • Must print out the training sheet which corresponds to the current belt, take your own attendance, and verify with the instructor if all criteria are being met (can print out training sheets for prevous belts to use a a reference as well).

Please note that we do offer private lessons in order to help you improve on certain aspects of the curriculum, such as poomsees, kicking techniques, self-defense, wood breaking, and so on.

Happy training.

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