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  • To the flag when entering and leaving the dojang.
  • When entering the Dojang for the first time, bow to the Master.
  • When approaching Master or Black Belts with a question.
  • During class to other students like when being courteous and handing equipment to each other.


  • Maintain positive and respectful attitude at all times.
  • Students must respect and obey instructors and use the word “Sir” or “Ma'am” when addressing them.
  • Casual conversation is not permitted during training.

Dobuk and Equipment

  • Clean dobok to be worn at all times unless otherwise given specific permission, e.g. outdoor or summer training.
  • Junior students may wear doboks to and from class.  Senior students must not wear doboks to and from class unless covered by other clothing such as a track suit.  
  • Students are not to wear their belts outside of the dojang unless participating in a formal Taekwondo activity.
  • Yellow belt students and higher must have all protective sparring gear.  Children under 12 years old do not have to wear a mouth guard.


  • Instructors must arrive 15 minutes before class.
  • Members must attend classes regularly and arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts.
  • When arriving late during the warm-up: 25 push-ups and kneel at the back of the Dojang until invited by the instructor to join the class.
  • When arriving late after the warm-up: 25 push-ups, followed by 5 minutes of warming-up (jumping jacks, squats, stretching) and then kneel at the back of the Dojang until invited by the instructor to join the class.
  • Line-up/circle-up by rank upon being called, no talking, eyes forward, hands behind back.
  • When adjust your dobok, turn and face away from the instructor.

Students must help keep the Dojang clean

  • Help set-up Dojang (e.b. chairs, equipment, floor) so class can start on time.
  • Help clean Dojang at the end of the class so everybody can leave soon after the class.


  • Students have to show consistent attendance and effort during session to qualify for testing
  • All students must demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skill in all categories (Striking Techniques, Kyorugi, Poomse, Self-Defense) for level and age under pressure.
  • Not all students will be asked to take test nor will all studetns pass all tests all the time.
  • All students are expected to participate in all tests at their belt level whether being graded or not.
  • All black belts are expected to participate in all tests, perform at a black belt level and help with testing as directed by the higher ranking Black Belts.

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