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What becoming a Black Belt means to me 

By: Adrian Dybka

Becoming a black belt for me would mean that I have self-control. For example, if someone makes me mad, I won’t just start kicking and punching them, I will use words instead of actions. But if someone starts hurting me and I tell them to stop and they don’t, I will have to defend myself. It teaches you to always be confident in yourself because if you are not confident, you will never be able to do many things in life. If you have a goal you need confidence to achieve it and at the black belt test, when it is time for me to show my wood breakings, or my taegeuks, I will have to have confidence to break through the wood, having strong blocks, kicks and  loud kihaps in the taegeuks. Without confidence, I won’t pass my test or any other goal I have. I need to be able to teach because when you’re a black belt, you need to be able to teach the younger kids your knowledge about blocks taegeuks etc. And you need to be able to teach them discipline, tell them to stand up straight in their four lines, help them with their blocks and help them to achieve their goals. Becoming a black belt also means that I know how to defend myself and how to fight back. Also, it means that when I earn my black belt I have the physical and mental strength to get many other things. I would be extremely happy if I got my black belt because I have been working long and hard for 6 years to earn it so when it is my test, I will try the hardest to get the black belt; harder than anything I have ever tried to get in my life. Getting my black belt also shows if you try and work the hardest you are most likely to get what you have been working for. It also means that you have the responsibility to do things that you may not have been able to do before like being able to give someone pushups, to have the responsibility to teach a whole class by yourself, and it could be that you use your power responsibly. One of the main things you need is discipline to become a black belt because if you are always fooling around in class, they won’t be able to teach a class and be serious. And that’s what becoming a black belt means to me.

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