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Since 1991, Interclub Taekwondo has had thousands of students learn the art of Taekwondo and benefit from its many qualities.

Our hope is that every participant surpasses themselves, conducts themselves honourably wherever they may be, and contributes positively to their community. We offer classes to children starting as young as 5 years old, teenagers, adults, and seniors in a safe and nurturing environment.

Taekwondo helps develop the following qualities:

  • Confidence, Awareness, and Self-Control
  • Discipline, Concentration, and Memory
  • Fitness (Coordination, Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Stamina)
  • The ability to Defend Oneself in difficult situations
  • Courtesy, Respect, and Integrity

Interclub Taekwondo aims to teach individuals who want to learn and practice the art of Taekwondo and its many facets in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our goal is that everyone surpasses themselves, conducts themselves honorably wherever they may be, and contribute positively to their community.


Could your child benefit from enhanced self-esteem and increased confidence? How about self-discipline and better fitness? At ICT, we teach a specific core martial arts curriculum designed to give your child or children the edge for success.

We understand the challenges that parents face these days and can help find solutions through our education based curriculum.  Since 1991, ICT has helped more than a thousand children grow into responsible adults and community leaders.

We are proud that our young students follow a disciplined curriculum and learn about physical fitness, engage in internal challenges, develop a higher degree of self-awareness and better listening skills.  Answering "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" when addressed is also part of the requirement for all of our junior students.  Our students work hard to earn each rank and develop a  sense of accomplishment as they progress toward Black Belt rank.

As beginners, children learn basic blocks and defensive skills, stanger avoidance, and how to protect themselves from bullying.  The lessons include dynamic fitness components, developing various motor skills and physical literacy, flexibility, coordination, while building strength, speed, and endurance.

The Children's Class is for children 5 through 12 years old.  We teach traditional Taekwondo techniques and have a Mentorship Program component that is built in to the teaching and learning process.


Interclub Taekwondo has graduated over 30 Black Belts.  Some of these students are learning to teach under the supervision of our highly trained and dedicated Masters, and Senior Instructors.  Our teachers understand children and their stages of development so that the children learn that martial arts is not a tool of aggression but one of self-confidence and assertiveness.

Our program is focused on helping individuals progress in a friendly and family oriented environment.

Any adult of almost any age can begin a journey of personal insight and improved fitness.  We provide a safe environment and allow each individual to progress at and appropriate rate and level of intensity.

We also offer Private Lessons, Seminars, and can cater to the needs of groups and individuals.

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